Cook a Blogger’s Recipe Month?

While scrolling through my reader, I instantly started drooling over and liking  many recipes from food bloggers that I follow. There are so many wonderful recipes and food bloggers out there, it’s overwhelming at times! I often find myself simply saying “oh that looks so good, I have to try it”. However, as soon as a log-off, I go back to cooking my own dishes and simply liking others. I’m not sure if this is your experience too?

In attempt to make a more interactive exchange with other food bloggers, I thought during the month of July I’d try another blogger’s recipe and blog about it. I’ll be sure to give credit to that blogger and link readers to the original recipe. If anyone else would like to take part, simple try a recipe you’ve been eyeing and post about it.

Now on to the fun part, “screen” shopping for next week’s tasty recipe.

Hope you’ll join me! If you do take part please tag your post “Recipe Share”. Happy Cooking!

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