What’s under the frilly apron?

Hi, I’m Patti! I’m an American, living abroad in Switzerland. I’m in chocolate and cheese heaven here!

I love food! It’s just that simple. There’s food for every situation, emotion and state in life. I love that it brings people together and opens up the mind to new and different experiences. Food is an all over sensory experiences: from the clanging of busy pots, to the aromas of fresh herbs and spices, the texture of different fruits and vegetables, the colors that each season offers us on plate, and best of all taste. Food can take us back in time and transport us to another period in our lives. Personally, each time I eat pound cake I remember the smell of Alabama dirt, just before a rain storm, running home to the joy of a lemon pound cake baking in the oven.

As much as I enjoy eating, I also enjoy cooking. I started this blog to catalog my culinary creations, attempts, failures and successes. So pull up a chair, I hope you’re hungry. Bon Appetit.

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